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If you are interested in using information contained in the written material on the Animal Diversity Web, please feel free, but be sure to properly cite the material. Copying text from Animal Diversity Web written material for use in other projects is considered plagiarism and is taken as a serious infringement of our copyright.

Instructions on how to properly cite our pages are given at the bottom of each page.

If you are interested in using media, such as photos or sounds, please read the copyright permission statement that is associated with that image or sound.

If you would like to use this media for an educational presentation that won't be distributed over the Internet or used to make money and the copyright permissions language for that media reads: "this resource may not be downloaded and used without permission of the copyright holder except for educational use", then this probably falls under Fair Use guidelines. If you believe this is fair use, you do NOT need to contact us. Please credit the copyright holder (found next to each media link) and the Animal Diversity Web.

If you want the material for a web site or for some other venture, profit or non-profit, that involves wide distribution or the copyright permissions language for the media you're interested in does not allow educational fair use, then you will need to obtain permission before using this media.

Contact information for each of our media contributors is available by clicking on the image. If there is no contact information associated with the image, then please use the form below to give us the names of the copyright holders (found next to each media link) and the specific media files you are interested in. We'll do our best to put you in touch.

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