New features on ADW!

The Animal Diversity Web's new site design includes some exciting new ways to explore diversity!

  • Animal News: We now update the site with trusted animal news feeds to keep you up to date on developments in wildlife news.
  • Look for the "Related Taxa" box: This makes it easy to find species that we have information about within a certain group. For example, if you're on the squirrel family page you can easily find all of the ADW squirrel species accounts.
  • Use tags to filter image results: ADW images are described by "tags" that identify special features or behaviors shown in the image. From any image search result or contributor gallery, you can filter those results by our tags - for example, to find images of animals with warning coloration.
  • Find out how what kinds of content we have: Hover over the content icons associated with any taxon and find out how many taxon accounts, images, sounds, specimens, and maps we have.

The ADW now has:

  • 3854 taxon accounts
  • 19,391 live animal images
  • 6,969 specimen images
  • 709 sound files
  • 42 maps (more maps to come!)