Grzimek Mammals

    • least shrew
      Cryptotis parva
    • Val's gundi
      Ctenodactylus vali
    • Pearson's tuco-tuco
      Ctenomys pearsoni
    • Rio Negro tuco-tuco
      Ctenomys rionegrensis
    • social tuco-tuco
      Ctenomys sociabilis
    • lowland paca
      Cuniculus paca
    • mountain paca
      Cuniculus taczanowskii
    • silky anteater
      Cyclopes didactylus
    • colugos and flying lemurs
    • colugos and flying lemurs
    • Philippine flying lemur
      Cynocephalus volans
    • otter civet
      Cynogale bennettii
    • black-tailed prairie dog
      Cynomys ludovicianus
    • greater short-nosed fruit bat
      Cynopterus sphinx
    • hooded seal
      Cystophora cristata