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Please remember that we are a non-profit site on a shoestring budget. We will NOT answer questions that can easily be answered by effective web searches or questions in subject areas where we do not have expertise, including pets, wildlife management, pest control, wildlife rehabilitation, and veterinary care. You may follow the 'ask a question' link below if you would like to find our help pages on these subjects, but please keep in mind that we cannot answer your email concerning these issues.

Nearly all questions can be easily answered by existing materials, either on our site or others. If you require an answer within one week, please visit your local librarian.

Here are a few things you should try first:

Some common questions

  • Population estimates are rarely available, especially for common species. We are very unlikely to be able to help you.
  • Metric system? We use it because it is the international scientific standard.
  • Want us to send snail mail or do an interview for your school project? We can't honor these requests.
  • Food chain or web diagrams? You'll need to make them yourself once you know who eats whom.

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