Conditions of Use

The Animal Diversity Web is a collection of resources including textual descriptions of species and photographs/images of those species. Images and texts remain the intellectual property of their respective owners, these different resources are made available under different licenses.

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The photographs and images available on the Animal Diversity Web come from a variety of sources. As such, the copyright status or license terms vary depending on the photograph or image in question. Some images are available under a Creative Commons license, others are in the public domain, and still others are All Rights Reserved. All of the images are clearly marked with their respective copyright status and/or license terms. Please see the relevant license terms for how you may reuse that content.

If you are seeking permission to use an image for a purpose not covered above, please contact the copyright holder. This information accompanies each image on the ADW. If you need help in contacting a copyright holder or if you have any other questions about permission to use images or text, please fill out our permission form.

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