ADW Staff

The staff of the Animal Diversity Web are employed through the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan.

Current team members:

Phil Myers

Dr. Phil Myers, Ph.D.

Director and founder of the Animal Diversity Web. Curator of Mammals in the Museum of Zoology, and Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tricia Jones

Dr. Tricia Jones, Ph.D.
Educational researcher, assessment and usability coordinator, and site design consultant.

Roger Espinosa

Roger Espinosa, M.S.
Technical Lead: content management, XML templates, search engines, taxonomy database, general software wizard.

Tanya Dewey

Dr. Tanya Dewey, Ph.D
Content expert, curriculum consultant, and all around ADW zookeeper.

George Hammond

George Hammond, M.S.
Content expert, curriculum consultant, and all around ADW zookeeper.

Former ADW team members:

Becca Anderson, M.T. - Editor, administrative assistant

Barb Barton - Author, currently with the Michigan Natural Features Inventory

John Berini - Editor, image tagging, now in the Conservation Biology PhD program at the University of Minnesota.

Alaine Camfield, M.S. - Editor, author, content expert (birds), now a Ph.D. student at the University of British Columbia.

Alejandra Chiesa, M.S., M.L.A - Digital photographer.

Dr. Toni Gorog, Ph.D. - Author, digital photographer.

Chris Hamilton, M.S. - Interface designer, programmer, information architect, usability engineer.

Dr. Sharon Jansa, Ph.D. -Author, digital photographer; now on the faculty at the University of Minnesota.

Ryan Jonna - Author, editor, now a graduate student at the University of Oregon.

Gail McCormick - Author, editor, currently a PhD student in Ecology at Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Renee Sherman Mulcrone, M.S., Ph.D - Editor, content expert (invertebrates, freshwater fish).

Dr. Cyndy Sims Parr, Ph.D. - Now Director of the Species Pages Group at the Encyclopedia of Life.

Nancy Shefferly, M.S. - Editor, author, content expert (mammals), now Laboratory Coordinator in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama.

Rachelle Sterling - Author, editor, now pursuing an M.S. degree in wildlife sciences at Auburn University.

Dr. Alan Wolf, Ph.D - Author, digital photographer; now Biology Learning Technology Consultant in the Division of Information Technology and the Center for Biology Education at UW-Madison.

Bruce Worden, B.F.A. - Digital photographer, scientific illustrator with Michigan Science Art